Machine operator wins personal injury claim after lack of training led to serious accident


A former machine operator has received a personal injury claims settlement in the aftermath of suffering serious injuries whilst employed by a farming and vegetable-packing firm.

30-year old James Crabb has been left with both physical and psychiatric injuries following the incident which took place at the site of his ex-employer in Suffolk, and which manifested as a direct result of the claimant’s arm being dragged into a potato conveyor belt machine which he was said to have been cleaning at the time.

Whilst tasked with ridding the mechanical apparatus of a build-up of mud, the claimant’s glove became entangled in the machinery’s rollers, setting in motion a chain of events which ended up with Crabb’s arm being pulled into the machinery up to his elbow.

The claimant was subsequently trapped in the machinery for over an hour while waiting on the specialist paramedics team to arrive at the remote farm site by air ambulance, which transported the victim to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridgeshire in order to carry out emergency surgery on his right hand and arm which had been worse affected by the incident. The claimant remained in hospital for an additional nine days, during which time he endured three further operations to repair damage which had impacted his hand and arm, and which amounted to ripped tendons, a broken thumb, fractured wrist and various skin and muscle injuries; the physical legacy of which means the victim no longer has any grip in his right hand, together with on-going trauma-based psychiatric issues which Crabb is still working his way through.

It has since materialised that the claimant hadn’t received any employer-provided training in the use of the machinery, nor how to complete the task in a safe manner from the outset. This lack of training and supervision formed the basis on which the claimant launched a claim for compensation from the employer, after seeking advice and professional guidance from a personal injury claims specialist who instigated a thorough investigation into the background of why this accident came to take place prior to arriving at the decision to pursue a claim.

Speaking to various news sources on the severity of his injuries and how it’s still impacting on his life today, Crabb said; “My life has been turned upside down because of the accident. Simple, everyday things like gripping my house keys can be really difficult and I have extensive scarring from my hand up to my elbow. I suffer from flashbacks where I develop an irrational anxiety about trapping myself in some way – this can be caused by something as minor as closing a window.”

The claimant went on to add; “After the injury I was job hunting for two years and during this time I suffered a few bouts of depression. I do, however, feel very fortunate to have retrained and started a new job.”

Indeed, the victim was left in a position whereby he was physically unable to continue in a manual occupation and has in the meantime been forced into an unplanned career change. The personal injury claims company which acted on Crabb’s behalf, summed up the verdict which lead to their client being awarded financial compensation by stressing; “James’ injury could have been prevented through training and by fitting the machine with guards, pretty straight forward stuff you would have thought.”

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